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Please note there will be no training at the club during the Easter Holidays

Race Results

Sunday, 1st March 2015

Bath Half Marathon

155th Aaron Pritchard 01:20:27
349th Peter Green 01:25:40
588th Mark Finn 01:28:54
666th Darren Curtis-White 01:31:07
1099th Matt Pegler 01:35:32
1403rd Jamie Stockley 01:38:20
1404th Matt Exley 01:33:55
1815th Teresa Lovern 01:40:33
1928th Carolyn Trippick 01:41:17
2119th Matthew Ellis 01:40:44
2243rd James Smith 01:43:58
2416th Sharon Curtis-White 01:46:04
2708th Eric Floch 01:45:53
3136th Simon King 01:49:32
3672nd Alex Lane 01:52:38
3715th Will Bond 01:44:30
4098th Luke Williams 01:52:01
4282nd Jim Barron 01:54:57
4507th Elham Jones 01:57:44
5037th Ali Robinson 02:01:11
5244th Ashley Davis 01:57:16

Sunday, 1st March 2015


65th Ian Noad 02:54:15
878th Keith Cradock 04:12:38

Sunday, 1st March 2015

Newport Half Marathon

299th Racheal Morley 01:37:34

Saturday, 7th March 2015

Bath Skyline Parkrun

47th Mark Ilott 23:59
61st Andy Courtney 24:53
152nd Liz Lewis 37:09

Saturday, 7th March 2015

Green Man Ultra

187th Jim Smith 11:11:29

Sunday, 8th March 2015

Devizes Half Marathon

170th Adrian Holborn 01:54:35

Sunday, 8th March 2015

Great Western 10k

28th Jo Merrick 50:11
42nd Tony Gambicchia 52:47
43rd Teresa Lovern 53:01

Sunday, 8th March 2015

Imber Ultra Marathon

72nd Judith Chubb-Whittle 06:26:11

Saturday, 14th March 2015

Bath Skyline Park Run

47th Mark Ilott 23:59
61st Andy Courtney 24:53
152nd Liz Lewis 37:09

Saturday, 14th March 2015

Southwick Park Run

7th Paul Newman 19:59
166th Maggie Newman 37:12

Sunday, 15th March 2015

Larmer Tree Marathon

0th Judith Chubb-Whittle 05:03:20

Sunday, 15th March 2015

Longleat Half Marathon

93rd Teresa Lovern 01:45:16

Sunday, 15th March 2015

Weymouth Half Marathon

56th Claire Blewitt 01:32:37

Friday, 20th March 2015

Jurrasic Coast Challenge

73rd Judith Chubb-Whittle 06:47:24
87th Judith Chubb-Whittle 05:53:11
102nd Judith Chubb-Whittle 05:53:11

Saturday, 21st March 2015

Bath Skyline Parkrun

43rd Richard Maddock 24:33
51st Mark Ilott 25:10

Sunday, 22nd March 2015

Hemington 10k

9th Jim Plunkett-Cole 38:37
18th Dave Merrick 43:51
20th Jeremy Smart 44:36
24th Shane Gould 46:04
27th Keith Cradock 47:27
30th Simon King 48:19
31st Andy Courtney 49:07
39th Paul Clark 51:06
64th Teresa Lovern 59:59
71st Pauline Wheeler 70:49
72nd Karen Sheppard 70:56

Sunday, 22nd March 2015

Hemington Fun Run

1st Jake Courtney 18:20
4th Oscar Blewitt 20:54
5th Tom Merrick 21:26
6th George Merrick 21:28
7th Ella Smart 22:02
8th Joe Exley 22:49
27th Georgia Wheeler 29:22

Sunday, 22nd March 2015

Reading Half Marathon

491st Peter Green 01:24:15
964th Alan Gardiner 01:29:34
2072nd Trudie Gardiner 01:38:20
2652nd Alan Gregory 01:41:25
5734th Ashley Davis 01:55:06
5740th Des Rabbitts 01:55:07
7168th Shirley Lloyd 02:00:16
10706th Ali Rabbits 02:19:07
12213th Sue Stenner 02:33:58

Sunday, 22nd March 2015

Two Tunnels 10k

80th Carolyn Trippick 48:00
104th Richard Maddock 49:24
105th Mark Ilott 49:26

Saturday, 28th March 2015

Bath Skyline Parkrun

51st Richard Maddock 24:28

Sunday, 29th March 2015

Buttermere 10 Trail Run

53rd Jeremy Smart 01:27:57

Sunday, 29th March 2015

Clock Change Challenge

41st Carolyn Trippick 46:48

Sunday, 29th March 2015

Run Exmoor 10 mile Trail Race

0th Steve Sage 02:22:11
0th Elaine Sage 02:22:11

Sunday, 29th March 2015

White Horse Half Marathon

29th Peter Green 01:26:42
317th Mark Ilott 01:57:55

Sunday, 29th March 2015

Yeovil Half Marathon

145th Will Bond 01:38:47
146th Jamie Stockley 01:38:50


Races Comming Up

Sunday, 3rd May 2015
Glastonbury Road Run
Start Time: 10:30-11:20
3k/5k/10k Road Runs

Thursday, 7th May 2015
Wrington Woodland Run
Start Time: 19:15
Thursday night 10k

Sunday, 10th May 2015
Trowbridge Superhero 5k
Start Time: 11.30
Optional superhero fancydress

Saturday, 16th May 2015
South Devon 10k and Fun Run
Start Time: 12:00

Sunday, 17th May 2015
Teweksbury Half Marathon
Start Time: 10am

Sunday, 17th May 2015
Jack and Jill Challenge
Start Time: 11am

Sunday, 17th May 2015
The May Mile
Start Time: 11am
Under 16's Mile Race

Wednesday, 20th May 2015
Ash Town Tree Trail
Start Time: 7pm

Wednesday, 20th May 2015
The Tyntesfield Ten
Start Time: 7pm

Sunday, 24th May 2015
Cheddar Gorge 10k

Monday, 25th May 2015
Bupa London 10000
Start Time: 10am
Bank Holiday Monday

Saturday, 30th May 2015
Umborne Ug 10k
Start Time: 6pm
also a 2,5k Fun Run

Sunday, 31st May 2015
Bristol 10k
Start Time: 09:30

For more details of future events go to the Somer AC website: www.somerac.org.uk


Todays Photo

Aaron Pritchard
Hemmington 10k 2014

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